Hi, I am Arie Bolotin

Front-end dev

Outside home

What I do

UI Design

I can help brainstorm an awesome design with you for your cool web ideas! Through my time at Scrimba I have learned the appropriate UI fundamentals as well as tools like Figma that help improve user experience and make the designing process easier.


Once a design has been decided on, I will use my technical skills with javascript to make your dream a reality! I enjoy coming up with effective solutions that bring life and functionality to a stunning design.

Problem Solving

Developing is not always a smooth process. I have learned how to effectively break down large and tricky problems into small and managable ones so the development proccess can get back on track.

My Work

Who I am

Front-end developer based in Redmond, WA

Hello, my name is Arie. My passion for programming originated from observing game development. I was amazed how virtual worlds could be created simply from coding and were only limited by one's own imagination. This showed me that programming has infinite potential. My goal is to harnass that potential and create useful and stylish applications that will help people in the real world.

By a mountain


A showcase of my programming knowledge